Evangelism & Church Life

Evangelism and Church Life:

Evangelism and Church Life form one of the fundamental pillars of the ADEPR Church, central to its mission of spreading the Gospel. With an impressive reach of 3,141 Local Churches, the church regularly preaches the message of Jesus Christ. Witnessing the power of faith, over 1,800 people are baptized, while around 20,000 individuals actively engage in baptismal classes on a weekly basis.

The ADEPR Church, through its Chaplaincy and Outreach Ministries Program, extends its evangelistic endeavors to special settings such as schools, hospitals, Correctional Facilities, and Rehabilitation centers. Here, students and inmates are given the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, embracing hope and redemption.

Expanding its evangelistic activities to different campuses, the church collaborates with 41 Pentecostal student communities known as CEPs. Through this initiative, numerous students have found solace in accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.

Beyond traditional outreach, the ADEPR Church organizes open-air crusades, anti-drug campaigns, and campaigns against teen pregnancy. The transformative power of these initiatives has touched the lives of many, including former drug users who have found salvation and hope.

Recognizing the unifying potential of sports across cultures, the ADEPR Church uses it as an effective tool to reach out to the youth with the Gospel. Employing football ministry, the church aims to transform the lives of children in a holistic manner. Through the Sport Outreach Ministry Program, children are given the opportunity to be trained in football while also learning about the Word of God and addressing various social issues. This prepares them to be effective and transformational leaders in the future.

The partnership with Ambassadors Football International, which began in 2014, has significantly contributed to the growth of football ministry within the ADEPR Church. Presently, on 51 sites across the country, more than 5,300 children receive discipleship on a weekly basis. Over 400 children have been baptized through this program, and parents, inspired by their children’s faith, have also come to embrace Christianity.

Through the dedicated efforts of the Discipleship and Spiritual Transformational Ministries Department, the ADEPR Church aims to equip and empower servants of God involved in various Ministries and Commissions. Offering refresher trainings and trainings of trainers (ToT), the church provides opportunities for spiritual and ministerial growth, enabling individuals to serve their communities with greater passion and purpose.

With its unwavering commitment to Evangelism and Church Life, the ADEPR Church continues to touch lives, sow seeds of faith, and inspire transformation in countless hearts, contributing positively to the communities it serves.

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