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The Pentecostal Church of Rwanda ADEPR originated from the Swedish Free Mission whose missionaries started preaching the Gospel in Rwanda since 1940. In 1960, the Swedish Free Mission became the Association of Pentecostal Churches and the leadership was handed to nationals. The Swedish Mission however accompanied the new churches in their expansion. In 1983 the Pentecostal Churches implanted fused in the Association of Pentecostal Churches in Rwanda (A.D.E.P.R in French Abbreviated Form) under one statute and with one Legal Rrepresentative. During the Mission accompaniement period, the mission work has been to strengthen churches and empowering them in community transformation both by the gospel and by social and economic activities with emphasis on education, health and poverty reduction. The Church grew rapidly and reached all regions of the Country. Currently the Church is operating in all sectors of the Rwandan territory and it counts more

  • Our mission

    1º To preach the Gospel of Jesus-Christ and teach the Word of God according to the Holy Bible;
    2º To promote social welfare and good relationships and economic development of beneficiaries focusing on health services, education and other development activities.

  • Our vision

    Transforming the lives of people in a holistic way through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Our VALUES

    1. Christ-centeredness, 2. Love, 3.Stewardship, 4.Accountability, 5.Transparency; 6.Intergrity; 7. Commitment.


- 1939: Swedish Missionaries Maj and AlvarLindskog and Ingrid and Paul Jakobson, and Gosta Pamertz arrived in Rwanda for exploring where to start the work. They were shown the site of Gihundwe currently in Rusizi District.
- 1940: The Swedish missionaries AlvarLindskog, Paul Jacobson, Mildred Lindbrg and Daiel Ricoci started preaching the Gospel and literacy teaching.
- 1943: The first convert was baptized.
- 1946: Effusion of the Holly Spirit to a national in Bigutu site, and starting of Church expansion to different directions.
- 1954: Missionaries Linus Blomkvist, RuthLarsson and letter JohnOstroberg arrived in Gisenyi from Walikale (Northern Kivu in DRC) and started the Mission work in Gisenyi, western Nothern part of Rwanda.
- 1960: The leadership of the Church was handed to nationals. The two existing churches of Gihundwe and Gisenyi formed the “Association of Pentecostal churches for Mutual help” (in short ADEEP), which became ADEEPR in 1962.
- 1983: The member churches of ADEEPR fused to make the “Association of Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda, ADEPR” with one legal registration.
- 1994: The Church was shaken severely by the genocide perpetrated against Tutsis. Many members and leaders died and others fled the country. Missionaries who were there were obliged to leave the Country. Remaining members were tormented by many waves due to lack of leadership. The unity of the Church suffered since then.
- 1995 – 2002: Swedish Churches and PMU Interlife supported ADEPR in rehabilitation of its infrastructures and reconstruction of Nyamata Hospital; they provided quality iron sheets for numerous temples and supported three projects AMIZERO, PEP and PANA.
- 2004– 2012: Period of intensive partnership with PMU Interlife: Five projects were finaced: AMIZERO, PEP II, PANA, Women Economic Empowerement and Durable Peace Building.
- 2012-2019: Relationship and partnership between Swedish Churches and PMU and ADEPR were frozen due to unusual transition of leadership in ADEPR.

Pastor NDAYIZEYE Isaie Senior Pastor