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Our Doctrine

ADEPR Church is established on the doctrine which is the basis of identity of its members and things not allowed to them.

1º believes and is nourished by the holy scriptures which is the WORD OF GOD: The Holy Bible and the salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
2º believes in one Almighty God in the holy Trinity, all powerful, Creator of heaven and earth who was,who is, and who will be everlasting;
3º believes in the fall of man who was created in the image of God perfect and pure but who fell into sin by his own will;
4º believes in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior, and the Mediator between God and men and who was born by the Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit;
5º believes in the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, His resurrection and redemption of the world through faith in His blood;
6º believes in the Lordship of Christ as the Head of the Church;
7º relives in the baptism of water by immersion recommended to those who have already believed, repented and received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior;
8º believes in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, as a member of the Holy Trinity;
9º believes in universal priesthood of God's people;
10º believes all gifts of the Holy Spirit, His leardship in the works of the Church as set forth in the New Testament;
11º believes in holiness in life in thoughts, in words and in behavior in obeying God’s commendment;
12º believes that God miraculously heals sickness, that is to say healing through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross;
13º believes the Holy Supper according to the example Christ gave to his disciples: Bread as a memorial of his body, and cup as a memorial of his blood of the New Covenant to all believers until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ;
14º believes the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ before the Millennium reign when coming to take his bride, being the blessing hope for every believer;
15º believes the return of Jesus Christ to judge the living and the dead. It believes the eternal punishment of those whose names are not written in the book of life;
16.believes in the resurrection of the dead and that the righteous will be rewarded for their deeds and will inherit eternal life in the Kingdom of heaven, while the wicked will be cast in hell for eternity.