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Verse of the Day

Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God..

2 Corinthians 7:1


The Pentecostal Church of Rwanda ADEPR originated from the Swedish Free Mission whose missionaries started preaching the Gospel in Rwanda since 1940. In 1960, the Swedish Free Mission became the Association of Pentecostal Churches and the leadership was handed to nationals. The Swedish Mission however accompanied the new churches in their expansion. In 1983 the Pentecostal Churches implanted fused in the Association of Pentecostal Churches in Rwanda (A.D.E.P.R in French Abbreviated Form) under one statute and with one Legal Rrepresentative. During the Mission accompaniement period, the mission work has been to strengthen churches and empowering them in community transformation both by the gospel and by social and economic activities with emphasis on education, health and poverty reduction. The Church grew rapidly and reached all regions of the Country. Currently the Church is operating in all sectors of the Rwandan territory and it counts more than 2,000,000 church members. Read More

Senior Pastor NDAYIZEYE Isaie

Vision of the Church:

The vision of the ADEPR Church is transforming the lives of people in a holistic way through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission of the ADEPR Church:

  • 1º To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teach the Word of God according to the Holy Bible;.
  • 2º To promote social welfare, good relationships and economic development of beneficiaries focusing on health services, education and other activities that bring holistic development..

Values of the ADEPR Church

The values of the ADEPR Church are: 1.Christ-centredness, 2. love; 3. stewardship; 4. accountability; 5. transparency; 6. integrity; 7. commitment.

Doctrine of ADEPR Chruch

The ADEPR Church is established on the doctrine which is the basis of identity of its members and the things they are not allowed to do.
This Doctrine is structured as follows :

  • 1º Believes and is nourished by the holy scriptures which is the WORD OF GOD: The Holy Bible and the salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • 2º Believes in one Almighty God in the holy Trinity, all powerful, Creator of heaven and earth who was, who is, and who will be everlasting;;
  • 3º Believes in the fall of man who was created in the image of God perfect and pure but who fell into sin by his own will;
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ADEPR Church interventions consist mainly of Evangelism and Life of the Church, Social Welfare, Economic Development and Education and Capacity Building.

Evangelism and Life of Church

ADEPR Church preaches the Gospel all over the Country. It reached more than 2,000,000 church members gathering in 3095 Local Churchs, 143 parishes and 9 regions. It also has a broadcasting radio station and it is proceeding to start the television for the church members’ evangelism, teaching and growth. Ten ministries working in the local churches support this activity.

Social Welfare

ADEPR Church organizes varied services regarding the Health, Healing and Reconciliation, the Family Empowerment Ministries and possesses in this regards the district hospital of Nyamata and 3 health centers of Mashesha, Ngange and Rwerere. Nyamata Hospital and Mashesha Health Center were built with Swedish Churches and PMU funds. ADEPR Church contributes as well to building the houses for Genocide against Tutsi Survivors who live poorly as widows and orphans. From 2014, 367 houses have been constructed and many milk cows, small and medium cattles and medical insurance were provided to other vulnerable people

In partnership with Compassion International, GHH (Global Help to Heal), Fields of Life, Football Ambassdors, Calvary Chapel and Korean Missionaries, ADEPR Church assists annualy more than 25,500 vulnerable children in their education and different families in improving their livelihood.

ADEPR Church have also supported a great number of vulnerable children in their education and psychosocial support in partnership with Global Communities and Global Funds.

In Humanitarian Assistance, Swedish Churches stood with ADEPR Church in different interventions to help communities in distress, particularly in natural disasters and in humanitarian crises caused by wars. In partnership with Fida International, ADEPRChurch conducted different humanitarian interventions: social rehabilitation of national returnees fromTanzania and refugies from DRC, construction of shelters and distribution of clothes, food, and basic materials. It also constructed schools for children of returnees and kitchen and food distribution hangar in refugees’ camp.

Education and Capacity Building

This section consists of formal and informal education, training of staff, ICT and innovation initiatives. ADEPR Church has 158 Nursery schools, 156 Primary Schools from among them 43 have the secondary program (9&12 Years Basic Education), 2 secondary schools with 9&12 Years Basic Education, 5 TVET Secondary schools and 6 Boarding Secondary Schools.

Adults Literacy teaching program was performed in 3442 literacy centers where more than 1,000,000 illiterate people were taught to read, to write and counting with over 3,000 literacy teachers (volunteers). ADEPR Church wone twice international prizes (UNESCO in 2001 and King Seijongin 2012) for its remarkable commitment in fighting against illiteracy. In partnership with the Government of Rwanda through National Rehabilitation Service (NRS), the Church trains illiterate beneficiaries in IWAWA, NYAMAGABE and GITAGATA Rehabilitation Centers.

Economic Development

The source of the Church income and property is based on church members’ offerings and contributions but it started some investment for its selfsustainability and income sources diversification. To this end, ADEPR Church possesses:
- Dove Hotel with a capacity of 70 bed rooms and a hall hosting 5,000persons (Gisozi Sector, Gasabo District, Kigali City);
- The UCC :Umucyo Christian Center: (Gisenyi, Rubavu District),
- The CEFOCA (Cadres Training Center, Muhanga District)
- The Gatare Guest House in Karongi District,
- The Regional Motel of Kagarama in Kicukiro District in Kigali city,
- Gicumbi Hotel in Gicumbi District.

Executive committee team

ADEPR Church has five members of Executive committee 1) Senior Pastor. 2)Associate Senior Pastor. 3)Executive Director. 4) Head of Human Resources and Administration, 5)Head of Finance and Projects

Pastor NDAYIZEYE Isaie

Senior Pastor

Pastor RUTAGARAMA Eugene

Associate Senior Pastor

Pastor BUDIGIRI Herman

Executive Director

GATESI Vestine

Head of Human Resources and Administration


Head of Finance and Projects


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